Titanium Collection

The name 'MEYER' does not come quite as spectacular as a 'Jean-Paul Gaultier' or 'Christian Lacroix'. However, you can be sure: better than these two collections together, we carry 'MEYER' with us!

The concept of the Meyer glasses is extremely simple: perfect and harmonious design in the best quality. But if it would always be easy, why do not all designers do it like that? The answer lies in the love of the profession: the history of Meyer started with individual prototypes, which were worn by the team at the trade fair in Paris - and so met with enthusiasm. Drawn and made by a small, sworn squad, who had written a certain 'simplicity' on the flag. This simplicity at that time was as straight as today: straightforwardness, titanium, plus exclusive materials such as buffalo or reindeer horn.



This is how a collection has emerged that remains incomparable to this day. And this is not a matter of course with the abundance of offers. Meyer glasses are detected. A Meyer glasses is a pleasure!

MEYER is also particularly strong in color coating. A novel and extremely high-quality method produces an optimal connection between the base material titanium and the color. And this with the entire color palette from different natural tones over green, lilac to pink. Gladly you can try on a Meyer glasses on your next visit - and simply enjoy design and wear comfort ...

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