Dominik Gasser

Swiss Wooden Frames from Obwalden – exclusively in Basel

Dominik Gasser is a carpenter who loves his craft. His heart beats for the wood and nature. A pair of glasses is intimate like jewelry he says. That is why he makes them completely by hand. Himself is choosing the wood and keeps the natural color and grain. He designs the shape and creates a piece of uniqueness with every frame. One that oscillates in timelessness and grows easily to the heart.

He produces his hand-made spectacles in 7 noble woods from oak over walnut to chestnut. In the right temple are always his initials DG out of root wood from the Lungernsee. The fine aluminum line on both sides of the frame is an additional authenticity mark.

The walnuttree, which he uses for his two-color models, is clearly declared.The walnuttree stood at the Grundwaldstrasse in Giswil all his life until the wind precipitated him. The last existing veneer mill in Switzerland has processed it. Thus his wood became the main actor of his new collection of wooden spectacles.

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