Contact lenses

Contact lenses are as unique and individual as your eyes

We will find with you the right contact lens which takes your needs and requirements into consideration and guarantee that a long-term and healthy contact lens exposure is possible.

Small and reliable
Contact lenses are invisible and comfortable to wear, as if they were not there. Contact lenses sit securely and do not slip, no matter how active you are.

Pure pleasure: It can't get any better
Since the contact lens corrects directly on the eye, this often means a better visual acuity and an unobstructed field of vision. So you enjoy a high visual comfort and a natural sense of sight.

For all needs
Almost everyone can wear contact lenses. Also with corneal curvature, when you see the small print no more or with particularly sensitive eyes.

Why do contact lenses have to be fitted
No eye resembles the other. It differs in the form of the cornea, the opening of the eye, the size, the sight, and the need for oxygen. That is why we take a deep look at your eyes!

Eyecheck for safe contact lens wear

  • Vision and vision determination
  • Eye pressure measurement
  • Observing the cornea
  • Corneal geometry
  • Analysing the tears

Contact lens type advice

Not only the visual performance but also the personal requirements are taken into account. Together we will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your individual requirements for leisure and work. Only then we recommend your ideal contact lens, because contact lenses are as unique and individual as your eyes!

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