Kids Eyewear

We love children - and children love our glasses!

Our children's glasses are suitable for sandboxes and football: strong frames, which can withstand something. It goes without saying that the kids' glasses are also very comfortable - we have different ways to adapt them ideally to the fine children's nose and ears.

Whether monochrome colored, with flower pattern or with Superman on it, all children will find the desired style. And for cool kids who want to protect themselves from the sunrays, we have the right sunglasses with optimal UV protection. Make the selection of glasses an experience - we love to help you out!


Children's glasses offer

At Messner Optik you get a fashionable children's glasses for a fair price. For CHF 250.- we have different frames, including plastic glasses with a hard-coated layer and an anti-reflective coating. This applies to all children up to the age of 15 and for prescriptions of up to Sph. +6.0 / -4.0 with -2.0 Cyl .. If the prescription is outside this range, please ask us about other possibilities.

Good to know: Thanks to the annual health insurance reimbursement of CHF 180.-, the largest proportion of the glasses is taken over!

Children's glasses insurance

Did the pony of your daughter galloping over the glasses instead of on the meadow? Or did the son bring home the football, but not the glasses? Then it is happiness in misfortune, because: Children's glasses are insured at Messner Optik! Read under 'Insurance', what all is included. And the best, you do not pay anything for the insurance!

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