Dry Eyes Syndrom

When dry eyes become agony

Do you know the feeling of having burning, itchy and red eyes? Is your eye surface constantly irritated and does it feel like you have grains of sand in the eye? Do your eyes tear quickly?

If you are familiar with the symptoms mentioned above, you may have dry eyes.

The trigger for dry eyes can be very different. The production or composition of the tear fluid may be disturbed. It is also possible that a reduced eyelid strike is present.

It is important to find the exact trigger, so that it can be treated accordingly.

The Solution

  • First; it is essential to know the exact cause. Because only combating causes ultimately leads to success. We are your contact person! Come by for a consultation!
  • Artificial Drops
  • Eyelid hygiene, massage lid margin, warming glasses (tranquilEyes)
  • A balanced diet, this includes enough fluid to take, possibly omega-3 fatty acids as a dietary supplement

The Causes

  • Medications (birth control pills, sleeping pills, antidepressants)
  • Diseases (diabetes, thyroid disease, rheumatism, inflammatory joint disease, psoriasis, hay fever and more.)
  • Environmental factors (rapid evaporation of the tear fluid due to heating, air conditioning, exhaust fumes)
  • Computer work (staring at the screen - less blinking, no renewal of tear fluid)
  • Contact lenses
  • Laser surgery
  • Vitamin A deficiency (liver / intestinal diseases)

The many possible causes show that in certain cases it is not easy to know the exact origin. Nevertheless, the problem of the dry eye should not be underestimated. Dryness can cause cells in the foremost layers of the eye to die and end up to produce scars. Scars can cause a blurred vision.

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