Seeing in HD quality

Seeing in HD quality thanks to modern technology

Thanks to modern research, eyeglass wearers nowadays have the choice between various high-tech spectacle lenses. Especially the technically very sophisticated progressive lenses have been developed further in recent years. Now we are one step further at Messner Optik thanks to Rodenstock's "DNEye Scanner": with the help of additional measurements, we can improve your vision in the near and at dusk, also increasing your contrast. A big plus, which is particularly noticeable when reading, working and in many everyday situations such as driving a car. This technology was implemented thanks to state-of-the-art laser measurement technology and could be used for optics.
For the first time, the spectacle wearer can now fully utilize his vision potential. Maximum comfort and best compatibility make the viewing experience perfect. We can now measure your eyes even more precisely and advise you on how this Rodenstock technology can improve your visual comfort.

The biggest advantages of this technology are:

Progressive spectacle wearers and people who have problems reading.
The view of distance and proximity is perfectly coordinated with each other. Differences in near-vision, which are biologically conditioned, are remedied. The vision is well balanced.

People who have trouble with the contrast.
Thanks to the detection of various biologically induced defects in the eye, the optimized correction can improve your contrast.

People who have a much less vision acuity during the night than during the day.
People who are blurred at dawn and in the night, or are glared by headlights, usually need a slightly modified prescription at dusk. We determine and improve your visual situation with the new technology of the DNEye scanner.

Progressive lens without HD technology

The different visual zones (the far-, intermediate- and near distance) are not perfectly optimized.

Progressive lens with HD technology

The different visual zones can be optimized as far as possible. 100% relaxed sight at all distances is possible!

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