Hay fever

Hay fever and other eye allergies

Nuts? No thanks. Milk? I do not tolerate. This is the case with people who are allergic to one or other substances. Symptoms often appear in the breathing system, the lungs or the nose. But also the eye or parts of the eye often show symptoms of allergies. Hay fever is just one example.

Spring after a long winter is not a blessing for all. For pollen allergists, a period of suffering begins, which can often last several months. Most pollen allergic persons claim to be particularly affected by eye irritation. The eyes itch, burn and tear. The itching is often unbearable. One constantly rubs his eyes.
In hay fever, the immune system detects harmless pollen, also called allergens, falsely as dangerous invaders and mobilizes its defenses. The allergens are trapped and presented to other cells. They release so-called histamine, a substance that often causes itching and sneezing. Since there are particularly many cells in the eyelids and the conjunctiva that emit histamine, the eyes suffer most.
There are a numerous of medications that make the hay fever season tolerable for allergy sufferers. But whether natural remedies or medical cortisone preparations, they all have one thing in common: they do not treat the cause but only relieve the symptoms.

Hay fever can also lead to further eye allergies. For example, allergic inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a protective shield of the eye. The allergic conjunctivitis can also have other causes and occur throughout the year. It is then often caused by mites, house dust, cats and other allergens. There is often an allergic runny nose. Finally, many other allergens such as cosmetics, medicines and sun creams can lead to an allergic conjunctivitis.

Also an infection of the eyelids, the so-called eyelid inflammation, can be of allergic origin. This is an inflammation of the eyelid in which scales form. The disease usually occurs bilaterally. Redness, swelling and itching are common symptoms of allergies to the eyes. Usually the allergic eye irritation is harmless. But it is always annoying and restricts the quality of life. Experts recommend, therefore, to rinse the eye with clear water or better with wetting drops. In the case of an allergy, allergy-inducing substances are removed on the eye. For further treatment, it is best to consult your eye doctor.

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