Dita Sun

The american perfectionists John Juniper and Jeff Solorio are the makers of Dita. The lifelong friends have teamed up with one mission: to design perfect spectacles with passion.

Dita has turned out to be elegant, with an aesthetic that combines both eastern and western elements. Their ability to change and improve the appearance of the wearer has brought the brand cult status among the celebrities from the worldwide fashion and cult scene. The mere holding of a Dita glasses is a lifelong seduction. Up to 320 work steps over 8 months may be necessary for a single version until it reaches the customer. The materials used are by far the finest, the fits are harmonious and the wearing feeling a pleasure. Dita is a brand for design lovers and people who appreciate the highest craftsmanship.



















Flight 006




Talon Two



This is just a small selection. Further models can be found in our shop!


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