Ortho-K - correcting myopia during sleep

Sleeping the myopia away? Yes that is possible!

The DreamLens is a contact lens that is worn during the night. It reshapes the cornea in such a way that makes glasses or lenses unnecessary during the day. This process of controlled change is called orthokeratology. DreamLens offers you the best comfort and freedom.

That's how it works.

The DreamLens is a special form-stable contact lens, which reshapes the cornea during the night. After removing the lens in the morning, the vision is clear and comfortable. The visual effect can be compared with a laser surgery. The big difference, however, is that this method is not invasive. This means that the situation is 100% reversible. In other words, if you want to stop for some reason with the DreamLens, the cornea will resume to its original form. A safe alternative to laser treatment.

For which eyes is this method suitable?

With this method, only the myopia can be corrected successfully. The myopia should not be higher than -5.00 dpt and the astigmatism should not exceed -2.00 dpt. However, these values alone represent only a preselection. The surface of the cornea also plays an important role. This is measured by a keratograph and then evaluated carefully. As every eye is different and individual, a free clarification check of your eyes is necessary.

Questions and answers.

How are the experiences with this method?
In the 1960s, it was already established that the cornea can be altered by means of stable contact lenses. However, at this time, the cornea could not yet be measured so precisely from a technical point of view. Also the precise production of the lenses, as well as the material, left much to be desired. During the 90's the method was taken up again and has been successfully developed since then.

How much time does it take to get rid of the myopia?
After the first night, two-thirds of the required correction is already reached. A few days later you can see without glasses or contact lenses well enough to be without any sight assistance during the day.

What are the advantages of this system?
- No glasses or contact lenses during the day
- 24 hours good vision
- No dry eyes at the computer screen
- No problems with dust
- No risk of loss during sport (swimming)
- No surgery
- Fully reversible compared to laser surgery
- Full oxygen supply to the eye
- Less problems with hay fever
- Reduced risk of infection in medical professions
- Myopia is stopped

What are the disadvantages of this system?
- Only myopia can be corrected succesfully
- the customer needs patience
- Time required is higher than with conventional lenses
- higher costs

And that's how we start.
In order to achieve an optimal result it is necessary to measure the cornea with a keratograph. The correction values are determined and the eye checked for all relevant parameters. The lenses are then manufactured according to the individual values. The instructions for handling and maintenance are explained. The first check takes place after the first night. The second after the third night, the third after a week, the fourth after three weeks. Another 3 to 4 Check-Ups will be necessary during the first year.

What about the costs?

If paid monthly (direct debit)
Monthly costs of CHF 85.- apply. This amount is payable at the beginning of the month and ends with ending wearing the DreamLens. The amount includes all Check-Ups, one pair of lenses each year and all care products.

If the DreamLens is aborted in the first year, the costs incurred will be charged to you until the break-off date.

If paid Lump sum price
The costs for the first year are CHF 1900.- and include:

  • 2 pairs of contact lenses (1 pair which are worn, 1 pair in reserve)
  • All care products for 1 year (10 Dynaeasy 12, 6 Dynaeasy 11 or 12 Dynaeasy 8, 10 Dynawell, 5 Dynaeasy 9, 2-4 container and 2 contact lens removers)
  • 8 to 10 Check-Ups

The costs for the second year are CHF 400.- and include:

  • All cleaning agents including accessories analogous to the above.
  • 2 to 4 Check-Ups. The reserve lenses are worn with unchanged values.

The costs for each additional year are CHF 860.- and include:

  • 1 pair of contactlenses
  • All cleaning agents including accessories analogous to the above
  • 2 to 4 Check-Ups
In the second year, there are generally no costs for lenses. The reserve lenses of the 1st year can be worn. The lenses are renewed annually.
In general: In case of loss or breakage, the cost for a single DreamLens is CHF 230.-, regardless of the flat rate or monthly rate.

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