Lensy Care Eye drops

The purple series of Lensy Care products offers our rewetting solutions - eye drops for more and longer wearing comfort Lensy after-wetting drops provide your eyes with additional moisture.


Lensy Care 40, 10ml

The preservative-free eye drops Lensy Care 40 are artificial tears with hyaluronic acid. They are the ideal solution for people who have an intolerance to preservatives and suffer from dry eyes. The Lensy Care 40 moistening drops are convenient to take with you and ready to use.

CHF 20.00


Lensy Care 42, 20 x 0.35ml

The practical single-dose ampoules Lensy Care 42 are the most hygienic solution and ideal for traveling. The eye drops are free of preservatives, which makes them particularly well tolerated. By using the Lensy Care 42 eye drops, you can protect your eyes against irritation in the long term and experience a pleasant feeling of freshness.

CHF 15.00


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